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When Stakes Are High, Aim High

Poorly conceived or poorly executed estate litigation can result in great losses through legal fees and lost assets. Many people understand this without being told, yet some place themselves at a disadvantage by choosing legal counsel based on price instead of quality and experience. One of the most important financial decisions you can make is choosing the right lawyer before you become embroiled in difficult disputes over preservation and distribution of family assets. Thorough, reliable and well-respected legal counsel can anticipate and plan for potential conflict and face it head-on when it becomes unavoidable.

A South Texas Trial Lawyer Handling Estate Disputes
Advising And Representing Beneficiaries And Others

Attorney Russell Manning in Corpus Christi is a trusted name in estate disputes throughout South Texas. His years of experience, his grasp of human and legal issues, and his ability to guide clients through challenging legal processes are well-recognized strengths. As a skilled lawyer focusing on probate and estate litigation, he fills a key niche in the legal community of South Texas.

Mr. Manning takes seriously his responsibility as a counselor at law. He aims to educate clients, preparing them to make the right decisions in their own best interests. Clients choose to hire Russell Manning when they want a lawyer they can trust to advise them on all aspects of family estate litigation, including the financial and emotional costs of using litigation to resolve disputes.