About The Law Practice Of Russell Manning

Corpus Christi attorney Russell Manning receives referrals from estate administration lawyers throughout South Texas and beyond. He works in collaboration with estate administration lawyers to handle acrimonious disputes that arise during the administration of estates.

A Strong Reputation For Probate And Estate Litigation

Particularly in complex, emotionally charged conflicts over elder fiscal oversight and probate matters, Russell Manning stands out among attorneys in South Texas for his in-depth knowledge and courtroom trial skills. For more than 25 years, he has been a valuable resource for people engaged in estate and probate litigation from all angles. He has represented elderly and disabled people, their caregivers, children, siblings, spouses, corporations, nonprofit organizations, property managers and financial institutions involved in a great variety of probate and estate litigation.

An Empathetic Approach To Dispute Resolution

Clients and legal opponents alike soon learn that Russell Manning has a firm grasp of both human and financial aspects of estate litigation. Family dynamics play as important a role in resolution of probate and estate disputes as do financial and technical aspects. Personalities in conflict and questionable financial dealings may both be at play in a case alleging breach of fiduciary duty by an overseer, a trustee or an executor.

Russell Manning guides his clients to conduct appropriate discovery of important facts with a goal of resolving their disputes through mediation. When settlement is not possible, however, he is also well-suited for full-scale litigation. He understands the importance of preparing clients both emotionally and technically for the litigation process. He knows that clients need to understand costs, potential benefits and potential losses before choosing between full-scale litigation or a less confrontational method of resolution that preserves the possibility of restoring damaged family relationships.

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Serving Clients In And Around Corpus Christi And Throughout Texas

Russell Manning and the other former attorneys of Hornblower, Manning, Ward, Harrison and Rodriguez Professional Corporation now comprise the Corpus Christi office of Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding any probate, estate or fiduciary matter by calling 361-400-5623 or by email.