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Around 25 years ago, lawyer Russell Manning began making his mark in high-conflict probate and estate litigation matters in and around Corpus Christi. Early in his career, he had a firm grasp on one key point to keep in mind when approaching a dispute: The larger the estate and the more fragile the bonds of the family relationships, the greater the likelihood of costly litigation. Conversely, the smaller the estate and the greater the desire to protect family relationships, the more sense it makes to resolve disputes by mediation.

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In this area of the law, there is often much more at stake than dollars. Family relationships may be on the verge of collapse after a lifetime of difficult dynamics. Parties to will contests and elder financial abuse cases often express sorrow or dread over potentially severed ties among family members. Human emotional casualties can have as great an impact as financial losses.

On the other side of the coin, successful resolution of fiscal responsibility and estate disputes can provide a starting point for restored relationships in some cases. Mediation is often an effective pathway to proper resolution of all aspects of a dispute over assets of an elderly or deceased family member. Concerns can be expressed and dealt with, and communication can be re-established at the same time that financial and legal issues reach closure.

Clients of probate and estate litigation attorney Russell Manning rely on his skill and experience in this challenging area of the law. They come to discover the value of his years of probate litigation experience as they grapple with difficult emotional, financial and legal issues.

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