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During later years or during times of illness or disability, it is common for adult children or other close family or friends to watch out for a vulnerable person's well-being and financial affairs.

Financial Oversight Of Elderly And Disabled People: When Discord In Family Groups Interferes

In adult sibling groups — whether children or brothers and sisters of the elderly or disabled person — key roles often emerge according to proximity or initiative: one brother or sister may be more involved in hands-on care of a nearby elderly mother, father or older sibling while another sibling may have financial powers of attorney. The sibling with the most time or the most face-to-face interaction with the parent may not be the most trustworthy one. Discord and disputes often evolve over the course of an elder person's decline in health and strength.

Sometimes, new life circumstances lead to different levels of involvement by children or other close family members. New powers of attorney may be signed and new testamentary documents may be drafted, shifting burdens, rights, and responsibilities according to new situations. The parent may provide housing or may give cash to a caregiver child who is struggling financially. Even when an elderly parent makes such choices with a sound mind, other family members may suspect exploitation or exertion of undue influence.

Has A Care-Giving Sibling Used Up An Elderly Parent's Savings? Has A Brother Or Sister Made Accusations Of Mismanagement Of Funds?

With more than 30 years of experience in litigation involving elder financial oversight and estate-related fiduciaries in South Texas, I am available to evaluate cases of alleged elder financial abuse. I advise and represent Texans who either suspect or are accused of interference with inheritance rights or breach of fiduciary duty. I also represent those who wish to prevent or rectify improprieties in connection with financial affairs of an elderly or vulnerable person.

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Mediation is often the safest and most effective route to resolution of elder financial abuse cases. Litigation is sometimes necessary when negotiations fail to yield a satisfactory result. I welcome inquiries from plaintiffs and defendants, as well as attorney referrals. Call me today, or send an email to schedule a consultation.