Probate & Estate Mediation Attorney Serving Corpus Christi, Texas

Estate-related conflicts often involve family members embattled over what was once common ground. Adult siblings or a stepparent and children from a first marriage frequently disagree over the terms of a will or the performance of fiduciary duties by a personal representative (executor) of an estate.

Fighting over a will or over alleged wrongdoing in court will inevitably reduce the value of the estate — sometimes dramatically. It is not uncommon for both sides to emerge with less than they might have taken away otherwise. Mediation is nearly always a much wiser course of action than a full-blown court battle for all parties concerned.

Higher Ground Can Be Beneficial For Both Sides

I have advised many families and individuals involved in probate and estate litigation matters. I often emphasize the human benefits of mediation, as well as financial advantages of a mediated settlement. Mediating an estate dispute can stop a chain reaction of escalating damage to family relationships and achieve fair financial balancing. Focusing on the intent and preferences of the deceased loved one sometimes helps families in conflict come to agreements through mediation with clear consciences.

When Is Mediation Right For Elder Abuse Or Inheritance Disputes?

Each will contest or dispute over probate has unique dynamics. Sometimes, a dispute is very one-sided, with the other side in the dark. In other cases, conflict seems to spiral out of control after intensifying actions and accusations in both directions. Whatever stage of progress your will contest or elder financial abuse case is in, you owe it to your ultimate well-being to explore mediation as a method of resolving the dispute. Call or send an email inquiry to request a consultation with a Texas lawyer who has a wealth of experience guiding people through the mediation process.