Trusts & Fiduciary Litigation Attorney Serving Corpus Christi, Texas

I've spent decades making a name for myself among lawyers in South Texas for my skills in estate and probate litigation. In fact, other law firms in the region often refer clients engaged in fiduciary litigation to me. Former clients and legal peers appreciate the focus and depth I bring to the practice of this area of the law. From my law office in Corpus Christi, I provide valuable legal counsel to clients throughout the region.

Elder Fiscal Oversight Or Estate Administration Disputes Representing Trustees, Beneficiaries And Others

Beneficiaries, trustees, executors and interested family members look to me for advocacy, education, guidance and direction in fiduciary litigation. Allegations of breach of fiduciary duty may come about during a period of responsibility for someone's financial affairs before death or in connection with controversy surrounding the settling of someone's estate after death. Disputes may involve duties arising from guardianship, informal relationships of trust and confidence, formal fiduciary relationships, trust administration or distribution of assets in an estate.

Through Mediation Or To Court

With extensive experience in fiduciary litigation, I most often help to resolve disputes cost-effectively through mediation or in settlement conferences. However, sometimes there is no reasonable choice left but to bring or defend a case before a judge and jury. In such cases, I am prepared to stand strong in the courtroom as a zealous advocate for my clients.

To discuss allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, either as plaintiff or defendant, get in touch with me today.